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Additional Services

Digital Scanning of Records

If you have large files you want to make more manageable, scanning is the way to go. Give us a call and a representative will come out and convert your bulky file onto CD-Rom in the format of your choice.

Printing from Digital Files

Files that you have in digital formats of any kind can be printed and delivered next day. Files can be transferred to us electronically.

Document Indexing

Any time files are scanned they can be indexed anyway you would like. You can have them searchable by Claim Number, Date of Loss, Date of Birth, Last Name, or any other field you would like.

Electronic File Transfers

If you have a file needs to be distributed to several people or over a long distance we can scan the file and distribute to all necessary parties via electronic file transfer.

OCR Conversion of Documents

All requested documents can be processed through our OCR engine  for fast text based searches.

ideo/Audio Format Transfer

If you have depositions or video you would like converted to digital media (CD-Rom, DVD, or web video), RRS can covert any format to your desired preference.

Document Archiving and Storage

Office space is always at a premium and often storage of old files is a waste of space. RRS can convert those files onto CD-Rom or onto a file server for quick and easy access so that you can regain that valuable space they were taking up.

> RRS is focused on offering the leading technologies to both small and large firms alike at an affordable cost. Electronic access and storage of documents is the cornerstone of our in-house processes and we have invested the time and research to those systems in order to offer them to our clients at greatly reduced costs.

> Electronic storage of documents is quickly becoming the industry standard, often reducing or eliminating retrieval time and cost entirely. RRS can convert single files or entire warehouses of documents to searchable systems, which greatly reduces retrieval times and completely eliminates costly retrieval fees. Files can be stored in any format you require – or even multiple formats if you so desire. RRS Document Storage systems can be configured to include your own current electronic documentation as well as dynamic web documentation which automatically updates your information whenever the web data is changed.

> Scanned files can also be indexed in our custom databases to make retrieval not only dynamic but lightning-fast. Indexing allows you to select the way you will search for files (by name, date, claim number, or any other field that suits your needs) and is completely customizable by you.

> RRS storage solutions are designed to fit every budget and need. We can store your files on CD-Rom, DVD, Hard Disk attached to your current network, Hard Disk as an addition to your current network, or via our secure Web Access System. No matter what you choose as your final storage medium, RRS will provide a free initial off-site copy of your documents and one year free storage.

> Some jobs can even be converted instantly at your office and saved to DVD or CD-Rom for immediate use. Scheduling of a service representative is required.

For further information feel free to contact RRS scanning services by e-mail at scanning@rrsnet.com or call your sales representative for details.


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